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Compliance is a complex subject! 

Below is an overview of the terminology that is used within Smartek.


Smartek: Smartek is a cloud-based workforce management tool designed to improve your operational processes. Smartek can be used to enforce your compliance requirements, manage visitor attendance, and facilitate online training for your internal workforce as well as external (contractors).

Smartek Modules: These are the different solutions that Smartek provides to:

  • Compliance Management - enforce your compliance requirements
  • Online Induction - Learning Management system
  • Site Access - Manage visitor attendance.

Workforce: We use this term to refer to group direct employees and contractors you might engage. Smartek can be used to manage your internal employees and/or your sub-contractors.

Company: This term refers to any organisation or business entity that registers/maintains a subscription with Smartek. Companies that register on Smartek are then classified as:

  • Customer: This is a company that uses Smartek to manage it's own workforce such as contractor compliance.
  • ContractorThis is a company that uses Smartek to complete compliances set by a Customer.

Employee: This refers to any individual added underneath a company. Employees are the users within a company that might be responsible for managing the company account, submitting compliances or setting up Smartek. Smartek permissions enable you to control what an employee can access.

Role: Key to Smartek operation, roles tie everything together and allow Smartek configure and setup compliance requirements. Every company that registers with Smartek will need to nominate a role to the company and to their employees as a minimum.

Compliance: Compliance is a requirement that you are expected to meet. On Smartek you can create, configure and answer compliances at a company or employee level. Some examples include insurances, WHS documentation, Licences, etc.

Courses: This is used to refer to training courses that you might want to upload to train your staff.

Induction: Under the 'Courses' umbrella is inductions. Inductions relate to contractors specifically who may need to complete site-specific/general inductions to meet a customer's compliance requirements.

Credits: This is a unit of measurement used on Smartek applied at the contractor company level for those that have been requested to use Smartek by a customer. The 'credit' payment model has been introduced to apply fair costs and provide more value to smaller businesses.

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