As a company, you might operate from a number of locations. To support this, we have created a Divisions and Locations tab that allows you to add your locations in Smartek. 

Adding locations is a requirement if you are planning on using Smartek to manage your workforce and enforce compliance at specific locations, job sites, facilities.

If you are interested in setting these up, please ensure you are in the Smartek Core module (Home page) These tabs will be located under your Company Account.

Divisions: This feature enables you to group and categorise your locations. Depending on your organisation, it might helpful to create divisions that are state or region based. For example, NSW, QLD, VIC. This is an optional feature that is useful when you have a lot of locations and for reporting purposes.

Locations: Think of locations as the smaller, sub-branches that extend from the division. They are the specific locations/sites/projects within the division. For example, your division might be NSW and a location tied to this could be your NSW Head Office.