Applicable To: Account OwnerAccount AdminContributorReader Self



Each time you add a new employee it is important that you assign permissions to their user account.

Permissions enable you control what an employee can and can't do. In most situations, there will usually be an account administrator that manages the Smartek account, and there will also be employee users that only require access to their own personal profile.


Account Owner: This user has full access to all modules enabled. A user with this permission is Smartek’s main contact and owner of the profile. A user with this permission can edit, add, and update as required.

Account Admin: This user has full access to all modules enabled. An individual with this permission can edit, add, update, remove and is the admin in charge of managing the Smartek account. 

Contributor:  A user with this permission can contribute only. This user can add and update information but cannot delete information. 

Reader: This user does not have the ability to make any changes on Smartek. This role can be applied to staff who require access to Smartek but are not decision makers.

Self:  A user with this permission will only see their individual account. This role is specific to contractor employees who need their own personal account to update compliances and complete inductions.

No Access: When this permission is applied to a Smartek module, the user will not have any access.

Adjusting Permissions:

Applicable To: Account OwnerAccount AdminContributorReader Self

Ediitng permissions must be done from the Smartek Core module and can only be done by employees with the permissions above in BOLD.

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1. Return to the Smartek Core module by clicking the Home button at the top left of the screen.

2. under My Company Account, click the Employees tab.

3. Edit your Employee's account and go to the Permissions tab.

4. Adjust permissions accordingly for each module.

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