Register your Company

In most cases, if you have been requested to use Smartek by a Customer you will receive an email invitation to join.

1. Click Register from the email invitation you have received.


2. Create your user account.

3. Enter the Entity Name and Postcode for your business as listed on the Australian Business Register

4. Select your company name from the drop-down.

5. You will then be directed into your portal. 

Generally, the first user of a new company on Smartek will be assigned as the 'account admin' with full access to begin setup.

6. Take the Smartek tour.

7. Click the Company Profile tab from the left-hand side and complete all company details.

8. Add Employees using the Employees tab on the left-hand side. 

After you have added a new employee, they will receive an email invitation to sign up.

9. Once you have completed the steps above, refer to the initial email invitation you received to join Smartek and copy the invitation code.

10. Log in to Smartek and enter this invitation code in the space provided on your Overview page. 

Success message will then be displayed to confirm you have successfully linked your company to the customer. 

Request Access to Customer Locations

11. Find the Link Locations tab and Request Access to the Customer's Locations by clicking the Request to Assign button.

Purchase/Add Credits

12.  Whilst your customer is reviewing your requests, Purchase/Add credits for employees from the My Subscription Tab. This step must be completed for the employee inductions and compliances to be generated automatically.

13. From the Left Hand Side, click the Link Employees tab and Add Employees to the customer they require access to.

Assign Employees to the Customer Location/s

14. Click the Link Locations tab >> Employee Locations and assign customer locations to the

15. Your next step is to complete the company and employee compliances, inductions as requested by your Customer.

To locate these, please use the links below.

Locate and Complete Company Compliances

Employee Inductions