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User Status - Definitions

Active: This is an active user who has successfully signed up and signed in.

Pending: This user has been added but has not signed up yet.

Archived: This is an inactive user that has been removed.

Inactive: This user has been deactivated by the admin


Actions - Definitions

Remove: This action is permanent and places the user into an 'archived' status. You will not be able to re-activate this user.

Deactivate: This action temporarily makes the user inactivate. Using the Actions tab, you will be able to re-activate this user at any time.

Activate: This action allows you to activate an employee that is inactive.

Resend Invitation: This action resends an email invitation to the employee if they haven't signed up yet.


1. Click on the Employees' tab from the Account Management module - Smartek Core. Click the Home icon at the top of your page to return to this module.

2. From the right hand side, click on the Actions tab. This will provide you with options to Remove or Deactivate the employee. Deactivating is temporary whereas Remove is permanent.

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