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This article attempts to assist users with questions about the Smartek Core module - Account Management.

This module is to be used to setup your company, manage subscriptions and customers that might request your services.

Where do I Add Employees?

To add employees, locate the Employees tab on the left-hand side of the page within the Smartek Core module.

Once you have found this tab there will be an 'add' button right-hand side of the screen for you to begin adding.

What is the difference between Deactivating and Removing an Employee?

Deactivation is temporary and removing is permanent/

Can I Adjust User Permissions?

User permissions can be adjusted at any time by the admin of a company. Simply refer to the Employees tab, edit that employee's profile and 

What is a User Group?

This is a feature in Smartek that allows you to group the employees you add. This is useful for companies that have a large workforce and require them to be split into divisions. What you define as a 'user group' is completely up to you


Some examples include;

- Business divisions - HR team, Admin, Operations

- State based - NSW, QLD, VIC

- Country - AUS, NZ, UK, US.

What are Roles?

Roles are an attribute that is assigned to a company and employee. Roles assist Smartek in configuring and assigning compliance requirements to a workforce.

Roles can be but are not limited to;

Trade-based: Electrical, plumbing, building

Risk-based: High, Medium, Low

Client-based: Customer 1, Customer 2, Customer 3

Location-based: Location 1, Location 2, Location 3.

What are Divisions and Locations?

If your company has multiple offices/locations, feel free to add them under the Locations tab. Divisions work like User Groups in that they group your locations. How you group them is completely up to you.

This is an optional feature but is a requirement for those companies who are looking to use Smartek to internally manage their own workforce.

Where do I Check Compliances?

If you are a company that has been requested to sign up with Smartek to complete compliances, these can be found in the Compliance Management Module. Click on the module switcher icon at the top right hand side of screen to locate these.

Where can I Locate my Inductions/Courses?

Inductions and courses are located in Smartek's Online Induction module. Use the module switcher icon at the top right hand side of screen, to navigate to this module.

What is the Process for Contractors?

Follow the Get Started Checklist located within the Smartek Core module or use the steps below as a guide

1. Register your company

2. Add Employees

3. Enter invitation code provided by your Customer

4. Purchase/Assign credits

5. Link your employees to the Customer.

6. Request Access to Customer locations

7. Complete company compliances

8. Complete employee compliances and inductions

9. Download Smartek App.

Can I Resend an Invitation to my Employee to Sign up?

Yes, this can be done for users you have added that are currently 'Pending'

From the right-hand side of the Employees tab, click on the Actions button. This will provide a drop-down with an option to resend the invitation. 

Alternatively, if you have added a user and they are not receiving the invitation at all, they can sign up from the Smartek login page. Smartek will recognise the email that you have entered against that employee and will automatically link them to your company. This will work as long as that employee uses the same email you have already provided when they sign up.

Need more Assistance?

Raise a ticket and get in touch with a Smartek representative.