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The inbox feature allows easy communication between Account owners to their staff or contractors.

It allows messages and attachments to be sent internally without needing to get off the system.

Simply select the contractor or user group, compose the message and subject line, add in a file if needed, and hit send.

Locate Your Inbox

1. Sign in to Smartek.

2. Find your Inbox on the left hand side under "Start Here"

3. Click on your inbox to enter.

Sending a Message

1. Click on the Compose Tab in the Inbox.

2. Select the audience. You can select multiple contractors or users if needed. Just hit the drop down box and add the intended recipients to the list.

3. Enter your Subject, and compose your message. If you want to send a file with your message, click on the Browse button below the message box.

4. Once you've completed your message, hit send.

5. You can then see the messages you have sent by clicking on the "Sent" Tab in the inbox below Compose and Received.

Receiving a Message

1. Click on the Received Tab.

2. Any messages will show up here. If you have not received any messages, it will say "No Data Available"

Next Steps

There are likely to be updates on how the messages are sent and how the inbox looks, so if the above guide has changed slightly from what you are viewing, feel free to reach out to the team for some further support.

Need more Assistance?

Raise a ticket and get in touch with a Smartek representative.