What's new in this Release.

Release highlights

  • We have enhanced routing when a new compliance is submitted by users.
  • Location Assignment for Contractors: Managers now have the ability to assign contractors to new locations. This streamlines the process for customers who require contractors at different sites, eliminating the need for contractors to individually request access.

  • Favourites Feature: Users can now set favourites for frequently visited pages within the Smartek system. Look for the "Star" icon on a page and click to add it to your favourites list.

  • Bulk Manager Updates: We have introduced a feature that allows bulk updates for managers when role or responsibility changes are required within the organisation. This simplifies the process of updating multiple managers simultaneously.

  • Enhanced Home Screen Layout: The home screen now offers an improved layout with more information available for both contractors and customers.

Visitor and Contractor Access

Kiosk Improvements: We have made further enhancements to the kiosk functionality. New features include the ability to capture visitors' photos and print labels for each visitor (requires Windows kiosk). Additionally, the interface design for visitors and contractors to sign in has been improved.

Internal Induction and Courses

Targeted Audience Setup: In this release, you can now establish specific audiences for internal courses and inductions based on a matrix that considers locations and roles. This feature allows employees to undergo relevant courses without having to go through all of them. Initially applicable to contractors, this feature now extends to internal employees as well.

Course Management Enhancements: Course management now supports the upload of banner images for each course, adding visual appeal and customisation options.

Road ahead

  • Improvement to notifications throughout Smartek.
  • Reports for Smartek.

How to provide feedback

We would love to hear what you think about these features. Please report any problems or suggest a feature through our support channel OR check our knowledge base.