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Creating a Smartek account is a two-step process - 

1. User Sign Up

2. Register your Company.

On Smartek, every user is called an 'employee' and has a unique account. The level of access provided to each user is dependent on the permissions (admin, contributor, reader, self) assigned.

Sign Up

If you are a new company/user that has not registered already, click on our URL and click 'Sign Up Now' to begin the process.

Create Your Account

1. Enter your email address.

2. Send verification code.

3. Enter verification code.

4. Create your password.

Register your Company

Enter details as seen on the Australian Business Register.

Complete your Company Profile

Welcome to Smartek! After you have completed the steps above, you will be provided with access into Smartek.

Begin by;

1. Completing your Company Profile.

2. Adding Employees.

Need more Assistance?

Raise a ticket and get in touch with a Smartek representative.