This article applies to users with the 'Self' permission and will provide guidance on how to complete compliances and inductions if you are an employee. 

Before employees complete their inductions, the following steps need to have been completed by the company admin;

  • Employee added.
  • Employee linked to the customer.
  • Employee assigned to customer locations.

These steps can be found in the following articles;

Add Employee

Link to a Customer

Once these steps have been completed, the required inductions and compliances will become available to complete. 

This article will show you how to;

  • Locate and Complete your Compliances
  • Locate and Complete your Inductions
  • Check if you are Compliant.

Locate and Complete Compliances

Applicable To: Account OwnerAccount AdminContributorReaderSelf

Once you have logged in, from the left-hand side, expand the My Profile tab. This will provide you will the following options;


1. Log in to Smartek, and click My Profile

2. Select My Compliances

3. Complete compliances by clicking on them and answering all required fields.

Locate and Complete Inductions

Applicable To: Account OwnerAccount AdminContributorReaderSelf

Using the My Profile tab, select My Inductions. You will then be taken to a page where you can complete the required inductions for your Customer.

Please note: Inductions can only be completed by an employee and cannot be completed by an admin user.


Click the Start button to begin the Induction

Watch the video and answer questions. Click the Finish button at the top right of screen when you have reached the end.



Check if you are Compliant

Use the Check My Access feature under the My Profile tab to verify your compliance status.

This is a useful feature if you are unsure if you are compliant for an upcoming job.



1. Select the Customer.

2. Select the Location you want check your compliance status against.

3. You will then be presented with an on-screen display of your compliance status.

Next Steps

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