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Once you have registered your company and added employees, the next stage is to link your company and employees to the Customer.

This article will outline the following steps;

  1. Enter Invitation Code.
  2. Add/Purchase Credits.
  3. Link Employees.
  4. Request/Assign Access to Locations.

After this has been completed, the required compliances, inductions and/or permits will generate automatically on Smartek for you and your employees to complete. An explanation on how to submit responses will be provided in the next article.

Enter Invitation Code

Typically, when you are requested to register by a customer you will receive an email invitation from them to create a Smartek account. Within this email will be an invitation code. This code should be used to link your company to the customer after you have registered your company and added your employees on Smartek. 

As per the screenshot below, a space will be provided on your Home page to enter the invitation code. After the code has been entered you may be required to make payment for an annual Smartek subscription. Depending on your customer, the amount you will be required to pay will vary.

Add/Purchase Credits

After payment has been made, you will receive a message at the top of your screen confirming that you have successfully linked your company to the customer.

Your next step is to add credits so that you can link employees and those employees can complete inductions.

Depending on your customer, you may or may not have to purchase credits.


1. From your Smartek Core module (Home page) click on the Purchase Credits tab under the Manage Customers menu.

2. Select your Customer and click the Add Credits button.

Click on this image to expand

3. Add the amount of employees you require to be linked to the customer and add a number for the amount of inductions you may require. Please note credits can be topped up at any point if you require more at a later stage.

After the credits have been added/purchased, add your employees to the Customer using the Link Employees tab.

If you are unsure, where this tab is, refer to the Get Started Checklist on your Home page.


1. Click Add.

2. Add relevant employees from your company that are required to access this Customer's locations

Ensure a photo is uploaded to each employee profile, so that a Smartek ID card can be issued if required by your customer.

Request Access to Customer Locations

Using the Request Access tab, select the Customer locations your company needs to access to.

The left side allows you to manage locations at the company level and the right hand side allows you to manage locations for each employee that is linked to that customer.

After locations have been successfully assigned to the company and employee, you will have completed the last stage in linking to a customer.

1. Assign Locations to your Company

2. Assign Locations to your Employees.

Next Steps

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